About This Lesson

As a health coach, I offer individuals an opportunity to attain their health goals and live more vibrant and energetic lives. We do this three ways:

  1. Setting up the conditions for inevitable success
  2. The right system: which is the right steps in the right order.
  3. The right support: means someone to help encourage you when you’re feeling stuck and the right accountability is a kick in the butt when you’re falling off track. Most of us know what to do we just don’t always do it.

People often wonder why they can’t lose weight or feel like they plateau no matter how much they exercise or how much salad they eat. We want to find out as quickly as possible which foods are optimal for you. We explore which foods are right for your body.

Habit formation is an integral part of what we do.

Together, we take these healthy habits turn them into behaviors that last so they become your way, it’s simply what you do.

98% of people who lose weight regain it within the year. That’s because they are missing this step of habit formation.

The diet mentality is based on deprivation. You get quick-fix results because you’re able to deprive yourself for a temporary period of time.

Eventually, this method falls apart which leads to a screw it all binge and despite all your hard work you gain the weight back. This is so frustrating!

So, we can look at what the 2% of people losing the weight and keeping it off do. That’s the category you want to be in.

By the end of the 90 days you are going to have different rituals, different habits, and feel totally transformed in your body… and what we’re aiming towards is not some quick-fix diet, but rather making those changes last.

As personal trainers, we develop a personalized training program that is goal oriented.

90-Day Total Transformation Sessions:

  1. Desired state goal setting
  2. High energy foods: foods that give you energy vs. taking energy away
  3. Honoring hunger and fullness
  4. Revisiting motivational factors
  5. Self-sabotage
  6. Being B-A-D
  7. How to relax
  8. Nourishment: What wants to be nourished in you?
  9. Personal Power
  10. Celebrating accomplishments
  11. New Horizons
  12. Where do we go from here?


Friday 1PM - 2PM