About This Lesson

What is the 14-day Reset?

The 14-Day Reset is a process in which you reset your daily dietary intake in order to determine how different foods affect your body. For example, some foods, which are considered “known toxins,” may have adverse effects on the body such as inflammation, indigestion, gas, bloating, and other allergic reactions. The purpose of the 14-Day Reset is to temporarily eliminate all known toxins from your system and then gradually re-introduce them, one at a time, back into your diet.

This very specific nutrition plan is a plant based diet, which temporarily eliminates grains, meat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol from your diet. Once your body has purged itself of the known toxins, then you will reintroduce these food sources one at a time.

What are the other benefits of the 14-Day Reset?

In addition to learning how certain foods affect your body, people who have participated in the 14-Day Reset have noticed more energy overall. Many of them have had significant weight loss as well as losing inches from their waist. Others who have maintained the cleaner, healthier nutrition from day to day, have also been able to come off medications for medical issues such as acid-reflux and high blood pressure, although that is a decision which you should discuss with your doctor.

Should I try the 14-Day Reset?

That is a decision only you can make. However, if you’ve been having issues with your health, you may want to give it a try. Think about it, if the body can heal itself on the outside, then doesn’t it make sense that it can heal itself from the inside. Given the right kind of nutrition, you have the power to take back your good health.


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