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Affirmations: Have you done yours today?

What if I told you that the things you think about the most will find expression in your words. Words, once spoken, are internalized as we hear them and the combination of thought and expression creates the reality we find ourselves in.

Affirmations are the things we say or do that reveal what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world around us. Affirmations are powerful in that, they can create the reality we find ourselves in. While it sounds mystical, there is plenty of science that gives evidence to the power of our words and thoughts to create what we experience in life.

The idea of affirmation is found across the spectrum of spiritual literature as well. It is not exclusive to Eastern mysticism. You will also find it in modern Christian literature as well as from the wisdom literature of Proverbs to the sayings of Jesus. The terminology may be different, but that becomes a matter of semantics. The words affirmation, mantra, confession, prayer, are interchangeable as the idea behind them is the same.

From the perspective of Christian spirituality, the Creator creates through words released into an environment of chaos and with each release creation moves one degree away from a cosmically voided existence into life, beauty and wholeness.

As, for being created in the image of the Creator (we are made of God stuff), we carry within us the same capacity to create, for better or worse, through the power of our words.

Just take a moment to think about your life right now. How much of your present experience would you say is connected to what you’ve been telling yourself about your life and the world around you?

If you want to change your experience, begin by changing what you’re saying and thinking. Thoughts, Words, thoughts…an endless cycle of internalized reinforcement. Your affirmations, confession, prayers, mantras can keep you where you currently find yourself, or they can begin to move you one degree closer to your desired experience.

If your life is not what you want it to be, and you’re ready to make some changes, here is where you need to start.

Begin with a future version of yourself (we will talk more about this at a future date). What would you like your future to be like? What does that future version of you look like? How does the new and improved version of yourself feel? Does your future-self feel more confident, more successful, happier? Start with that picture and begin to align your thoughts and words to reflect that outcome.

Speak what you want into existence. Let it be a part of your daily activity. Speak to yourself. Remind yourself everyday of who you are and what you are capable of. Speak those things that line up with your future-self and be prepared to receive the fulfillment of your affirmation.

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