At WBHI we believe that we were created to live life to the fullest and in so doing we leave behind an inspirational epic story for others to follow.

We believe that you are never too old and that it’s never too late…

We believe that your past doesn’t define you and that you can use your past failures to propel you into your future successes.

We believe that all things are possible…the starting point is seeing what can be and believing that it will be.

We believe the journey, and how you travel, is far more important than the destination.

We believe that imbedded in your DNA is everything you need to accomplish great things.

We strongly believe that you were never meant to do it alone. We were created to exist within community, and it is within a supportive motivating environment that we thrive.

We love to see people experience the transformation that affords them the opportunity to do things they thought they no longer could. There is excitement and joy in discovery that leads to positive change and achievement. Charlotte and I have been fortunate to see our clients experience this level of transformation time and time again and this is our desire for you.

Both Charlotte and Juan are competitive athletes having obtained their Pro Cards in the Master’s Division for Natural Body Building as well as endurance athletes who participate in races ranging from 5k’s to Ultras.