Never too old, never too late:

Never too old, never too late: Fitness has always been part of my adult life. In my earlier adult years, it was the goal of strength and symmetry in the weight room. As an older adult in my forties, it was the test of endurance events. Starting with a half-marathon and training up to a […]


Affirmations: Have you done yours today?

Affirmations: Have you done yours today? What if I told you that the things you think about the most will find expression in your words. Words, once spoken, are internalized as we hear them and the combination of thought and expression creates the reality we find ourselves in. Affirmations are the things we say or […]


And God Said…

And God said, “Let them eat cake. So let it be written, so let it be done.” God, much like Mark Twain, gets misquoted quite a bit. Sometimes those quotes come from a variety of sources that somehow manage to get mixed together and get passed down so that when we hear them we accept […]